What evidence do we have that Jesus existed?

Explaining that Jesus was a real man that existed in history is as easy as explaining the ABC’s.

  • Apostles. Through the lives of the Apostles, well really their deaths, we can see that Jesus and His message of salvation are true. A good percentage of the Apostles died horrific deaths, either crucifixion (like Christ or upside down), tied to a cross and left to die, stoned, beheaded, and skinned to death just to name a few ways. There was only ONE apostle that died a peaceful death of old age. That begs the question if Jesus was not truly the Messiah and he did not rise from the dead, why would these 11 men allow themselves to die such horrific deaths? Wouldn’t it have been easier to just deny Jesus as the Christ and go on with their lives?
  • Bible and books. The Bible has historical records that can be checked. Just look to the first chapter of the Gospels Matthew, where it lists Jesus’ genealogy giving context to the time in which Jesus was born. Not to mention the battles in the Old Testament that provides us with historical data and context. We also have other, non-Christian books and authors that talk about a guy named Jesus around the same time period that Jesus is said to live. These nonbeliever authors also mention his miracles and the crowds that followed him.
  • The pure existence of the Church is proof that Jesus existed and is God. The Church has existed for over 2000 years, the most of any organization. That is not saying that those 2000 years were without blame or stain. One can see that it is only through the Truth of Jesus Christ and the power of God that the Church survived 2000 years. I always like to suggest to both the students and teachers alike is that if you want to make your faith stronger in God and His Church study Church History. When you actually learn and see all the challenges, twists and turns, hardships and victories the Church has endured and how many times it could have been wiped off the face of the earth you come to realize that the Catholic Church is the only Church that could have been established by God Himself. Without God’s direction and grace it would not have lasted this long!
What evidence do we have that Jesus existed?

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